Violent Video Games & Societal Violence

The recent release of the violent, anti-social video game Grand Theft Auto which promotes among other deplorable behaviors, theft, murder, sexual assault and indiscriminate violence, was responsible for the stabbing, assault and robbery of a young man in the United Kingdom on the 24th September this year. The woeful paradox was that the victim was returning home with his purchased copy of the ‘game’. Rather ironic isn’t, as he was set upon by three teenagers aged from 14 to 17. They stabbed and robbed him of his copy. Is this not further clear evidence of the harm violent video games, which are marketed as entertainment, cause in our societies?

One comment on “Violent Video Games & Societal Violence

  1. Albadi says:

    i agree that the games being made are harmful to our society BUT the question here is what is a 14 years old kid doing outside of the house with the potential to stab,assault and rob the grown man !
    what went wrong in the house that made that kid do such a thing or even think he can ! this is whats bothering me

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