Why wake up your mind when God’s on your side?

The West confronts Russia in the Crimea again, some 160 years after their last fracas and the Ukrainians and Russians eyeball each other with guns loaded while other regional conflicts are given less airplay on our daily news bulletins.

There are around 9 major conflicts on-going in our world today; Afghanistan, Somalia, Northern Nigeria, North West Pakistan, Syrian civil war, Iraqi insurgency, Central African Republic and the Southern Sudan conflict. And each is being fought with the fanaticism of mad men who claim divine inspiration and moral supremacy over humanity.

In addition there’s the struggle for Kurdish autonomy in Turkey and Iran, the unresolved Korean peninsula war (to date there’s only a truce in place), the struggle for dominance in the Kashmir region by Indian and Pakistan, the Arab and Israeli unresolved conflict and continued, destructive economic and propaganda war, the Baluchistan insurgency in Pakistan, the on-going internal unrest in Burma and the persecution of the Rohingya, the West Papua uprising against Indonesian imperialism, an on-going insurgency in North East India, the decades old political struggle in Colombia, the Islamic and Communist internal conflicts in the Philippines, the Lord’s resistance army war covering three African countries: Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo the Central African Republic South Sudan, China’s brutal occupation of Tibet and the ongoing rebellion in Xinjang province, the Maghreb war that embraces Algeria, Mali, Tunisia, the Central African Republic and South Sudan, the war in Darfur, Al Qaeda in Yemen, the Shia uprisings in Bharain and Yemen and in eastern parts of Saudi Arabia, The ongoing brutal war in the Niger Delta, the Muslim led insurgency in Southern Thailand, the ADF insurgency in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the ongoing centuries old Sudanese nomadic conflict, with each being fought with the undying belief that God’s on their side.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ongoing_armed_conflicts (accessed 7/3/2014)

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