The BBC & Political Correctness – Is this as good as it gets?

The headline read “BBC Radio Devon DJ David Lowe loses job over racist word” (BBC News , 2014) and as I read I was looking for the word David Lowe was alleged to have uttered on air, but to my dismay I soon discovered that the had played a song with a word in its lyrics which is considered by many to be offensive today. A 1932 version of ‘The Sun Has Got His Hat On’ includes the n-word and Lowe had played this song on his Singers and Swingers show. A listener objected to this word in the song; despite it being an integral part of the lyric since 1932. In addition the aforesaid word makes regular appearances courtesy of a number of high profile African-American rappers.
David Lowe had been a loyal serving employee of the BBC for over three decades. In an attempt to save his job and outstanding career he offered an on air apology-but this was rejected by BBC management. Another well known BBC presenter, Jeremy Clarkson was recently cautioned over an old tape was replayed alleging he used a racist term too-he has since apologized. Both these incidents follow on from the taping of a private conversation between LA Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling and his girlfriend in which he is purportedly making disparaging remarks about people of color. Sterling’s girlfriend later released these private recordings into the public domain for reasons only she’ll ever know.
Political correctness has created an atmosphere of fear and dread everywhere, but more so in the broadcasting houses of the world- is this really as good as it gets?

BBC News . (2014, May 11). BBC News Devon. Retrieved from BBC News:

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